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  • January 12, 2023

We all understand that the pandemic has altered how we work, learn, socialize, exercise, and even relax. Our home, as well as how the previously unnoticed spaces and house features are arranged, has been significantly changed by these alterations. We've been compelled to rethink spaces and redesign specific portions of the home to make it more practical and comfortable to do everything from home in order to avoid the spread of disease among family members and make our life at home more convenient for everyone.

Some experts have shared their opinions on how the pandemic has affected architecture and interior home design, the major advancements we will witness in the future, and the trends it has brought that we may not have previously considered. Continue reading to learn what experts have to say about this.

Given the potential for additional lockdowns caused by COVID-19, how would you incorporate physical and emotional health and wellness into the architectural design of a new home?

The homes we create today adapt to the changing needs of our clients for physical distance and the changing roles that homes play in their lives. There is enough space for individuals or small groups to concentrate and recharge in home offices and rooms for yoga and meditation. Nowadays, there are more built-in areas in homes where people can feel at home in a little nook, like a cubby, within a larger open space, like a living room.

Our main priority in the house is creating comfortable, serene settings for people. Warm, organic materials like wood, stone, and plaster feel firmly anchored and serve as a constant reminder of the solid support provided by the environment. Natural materials help us reconnect with the untamed environments from which they originated.

As Barragan stated, the house is a haven, a place for introspection and recharging from the pressures of the outside world. East, south, and west facing windows that welcome direct sunlight allow natural light and the sun's movement throughout the day to enter the house. Windows with a north orientation let in more even, cool light.

Gardens and indoor-outdoor areas foster a sense of giving, and indoor landscapes are becoming more popular as more people choose to stay at home and take care of their plants. Garden maintenance improves happiness and concentration. Observing a hummingbird sip nectar from a trumpet vine out the window might be the best medicine when it seems like the world is falling apart.

Which elements would you incorporate into a home's interior design to make it suitable for a post-pandemic world?

A home office or specifically designated home office space that exudes efficiency and always provides our customers with home office possibilities is part of the post-pandemic evolution of a residential interior. I would incorporate a fitness center with spa services and a relaxing media area to promote a healthy work-life balance.

How are architectural trends altering as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic?

Numerous things have altered since Covid-19 entered our lives. Clients are increasingly requesting more space-efficient designs for their homes. Clients frequently ask to convert an empty space into an office or a gym when remodeling. Two offices are now frequently included in new construction plans if there is enough room for them, especially for couples who both work remotely full-time. It has become more typical to dedicate a room exclusively for kids to study and complete their education when creating a home for families with kids.

Another item that is more in demand in Texas is generators, which is a direct result of the winter storm that hit the state last year and left many residents without power for weeks.

People want to design their homes to be a fortress where they can spend a lot of time and have their privacy as needed because they are generally more acutely aware that anything could happen.

Which unexpected interior design concepts were most influenced by the pandemic?

The trend toward “more" in interior design may be among the most unexpected ones to emerge during the epidemic. More neutral colors and minimalist styles have been replaced with more color, more pattern, and overall more decor. Younger homeowners are gravitating toward Cottage Core, Grand Millennium, and Dark Academia (neo-Victorian) styles because they feel comfort in nesting and gathering in the location where they currently spend the majority of their time: home.

Since working from home requires inspiration and stimulation, many people have grown tired of the muted decor that has been popular for many years. My younger clientele often wants wallpaper, floral patterns, more intricate architectural details, and daring color schemes—exactly the things their parents long ago avoided.

What are the most significant trends in house interior design that are emerging in a post-pandemic world?

Multiple-purpose areas

Since the year 2020, a lot of us have found ourselves striving to maximize the space we have at home by designing multifunctional spaces that can serve two, three, or even four purposes at once. What was previously a living room is now a gym, a playroom, an office, and a study area for children. This pattern shows no signs of abating soon! Our design team anticipates building an increasing number of multipurpose spaces, offering original solutions, and repurposing existing spaces to meet various demands. As interior designers, we are aware of the finest approaches for utilizing a space to its utmost potential while balancing form and function. That refers to an area with a coordinated appearance and a flow from diverse regions that can be used for a variety of daily activities.


Home offices are getting more and more popular as more people want to work from their own homes. One of the most crucial aspects of a home today is the requirement for a dedicated office; it is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. Homeowners are transforming a room, or just a portion of it, into a motivating and useful workspace where they can work from home. These venues' surroundings and design play a significant role. Our aim as designers is to work with them to construct a setting that is practical, inspires them, and keeps them on task.


The home office craze brought with it a new requirement: the ideal zoom meeting backdrop! A place that satisfies two essential criteria: it enhances your sense of professionalism and conveys your sense of style.


Adding to or modernizing existing entertainment areas, such as house bars, game rooms, and movie theaters. We're searching for ways to make our time at home more enjoyable by designing welcoming, useful, and well-equipped areas where we can enjoy ourselves with loved ones and friends.

The architectural and interior design of new homes and structures is not an exception to how the Covid-19 pandemic affects most aspects of our lives and how we do things now compared to how we used to do them before. These latest trends outlined by the experts will start to appear more frequently in our daily lives as we grow adjusted to this new way of living.

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