3D Exterior Rendering Services

What does 3D exterior rendering basically mean and how does it work?

Project imagination in today’s contemporary times, 3D exterior rendering service tends to play a pivotal role. 3D exterior rendering service primarily represents the design idea in its visual form which makes the task of synchronization with the customer much simpler while knowing about their choices. 3D exterior rendering service makes use of a type of technology called CGI that permits the artists to form volumetric images of any piece or object. This technique works wonders when it comes to experimenting with different ideas, enhancing creativity and taking your imagination to a whole new level.

How is 3D exterior rendering service beneficial?

✅ 3D architectural exterior rendering service offers first hand advantage in showcasing to your clients a realistic picture of their dream property before stepping into the construction phase.

✅ Every piece of architecture be it public property, private property, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and cottage villages can be virtually brought to life while just being a thought with the help of 3D architectural exterior rendering service.

✅ 3D architectural exterior rendering service aids in excellent visualisation of the 3D exterior prototype corresponding to the architectural details and the materials used in making of the building.

✅ In fact, the 3D model of the building itself is engraved in the surroundings thereby making the exterior renders be in exact sync with the actual structure when gotten ready.

✅ 3D exterior rendering service makes it possible for you to spin around your property by just playing with the mouse of your computer as you would like, to witness how it accommodates within the site.

What sets Steps Animation 3D exterior rendering service apart?

Our 3D exterior rendering services facilitates you with generating characteristic 3D models of any type of architectural property with the application of special and latest visualisation techniques and modern design methods as we execute in our 3d interior rendering service. We work with certain engines too while pitting these techniques into practise. Steps Animation, when it comes to 3D exterior rendering service has been very successful in meeting international clients’ requirements and efficaciously delivering their dream projects. Our international clients hail from the USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries. Not to forget, we are a reputable and respected name in the local market as well.

Salient features of Steps Animation as a 3D exterior rendering company

✅ We bring our customers dream project to life by incorporating the use of best softwares available like we implement them in our 3D interior rendering service

✅ Being an ace 3D exterior rendering service provider, Steps animation gives you that amazing opportunity to present your project as a whole and also with all the minute detailing and attributes

✅ With the high-quality 3D exterior rendering service that we offer, our much valued clients are able to comprehensively study the elevations of their property which could be either a summer cottage, a house, a multi-storey building or even an entire bloc for that matter

✅ Apart from this, they can also examine the type and material of the roof, the outline of windows, and all the elements of décor including walls

✅ We have an extremely talented and hard-working team which makes sure the textures and shadows are in a way where the finished piece of work is not distinguishable from its picture.

A brief of the workflow of the 3D exterior rendering services at Steps Animation

3D exterior rendering is a very complex and responsible work that needs thorough planning in every phase. We, as a 3D exterior rendering company incorporate every single step methodically. These steps include:

👉 Listing and branding

👉 Architectural representation

👉 Project ideation

👉 Architectural planning

👉 Schedule to finish the project

👉 Landscaping plan

👉 Lighting and environment details

👉 Handing over the final outcome of 3D exterior rendering

Cost of 3D exterior rendering service

The amount spent on 3D exterior rendering service depends upon a number of factors such as:

✅ Type of the project

✅ Project size

✅ Number of cameras used per room

✅ Design and style

✅ Type of material used

✅ Complexity of the geometry

✅ Neighbouring atmosphere

✅ Project deadline

In addition, Steps Animation makes an extra effort to willingly provide 3D architectural rendering service and 3D walkthrough service under the 3D exterior rendering service itself. You can be rest assured about the cost as we offer the best quote possible to our clients.

Frequently asked questions

What is exterior rendering?

Exterior rendering is the process of creating three-dimensional visuals showing the exterior design of architectural projects to be built. It is done by 3D artists using computer software. Exterior rendering can show the architecture itself as well as the buildings’ surroundings in photorealisitc quality. It is widely used by architects and real estate professionals in presentations and marketing materials.

What are the types of exterior rendering?

Depending on an architectural project type, there can be residential and commercial exterior rendering. Also, exterior rendering comes in different formats: it can be in the form of static images or a dynamic 3D animation. The latter shows architectural projects in motion in a digitally made video. On top of that, there are interactive augmented and virtual reality 3D solutions that provide the most immersive experience for the audience.

What is the cost of exterior rendering?

The exact cost of a particular exterior rendering project depends on many factors. They include the task complexity, the number of renders needed, the architectural style of a project, and so on. Also, the estimate highly depends on working hours spent by 3D artists on the task. You can learn about the prices in more detail if you download our price list. To get an estimate for a particular exterior rendering project, please contact Steps Animation via chat or e-mail.

How long does exterior rendering take?

The exact time needed to complete an exterior visualization project depends on its complexity, the number of renders needed, and other factors. However, one can say that the average turnaround time for completing an exterior visualization project is 1 week.

How to order exterior rendering services?

To get exterior rendering services, one should contact Steps Animation using online chat on our website or email and send a project brief. Ideally, the latter should include general information on the project, drawings, references for materials and finishes, requirements for the surroundings (with photos if available), and mood references. After getting a brief, 3D artists will get down to work and deliver stunning CG visuals as soon as possible.

What software is used for exterior rendering?

The list of software for exterior rendering includes 3Ds Max, Corona Renderer, V-Ray, Blender, Autodesk Revit, Lumion, Cinema 4D, and many other tools.