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  • December 21, 2022

Christmas is like sugar: it slowly melts in your mouth, savoring every taste bud and making you wish it would never end.

With Christmas just a week away, many companies are thinking of creative ways to tie their marketing initiatives to the holiday spirit. However, you may be thinking that seasonal marketing isn't for you as the owner of an architectural or interior design firm. We're happy to inform you that this isn't the case at all. You have a fantastic opportunity to engage your audience on a new emotional level this holiday season. In fact, there are quite a few Christmas marketing strategies you can use to add a Christmas touch to your contacts with current and potential customers. The only thing you need is CGI, and it's quite simple.

Steps Animation assists business executives in producing unique holiday content. In this article, we'll provide you with some suggestions for using Christmas images in your work and provide you with some concrete examples from our own experience. Let's look at it!

  • How can interior designers and architects use CGI for holiday marketing?

First off, you may start using holiday-themed 3D models on your website, social media postings, advertisements, and newsletters as soon as December officially begins, if not a bit before. Additionally, you have the option of sending lovely Christmas cards to your clients and coworkers. They will feel better and be more festive as a result of it.

Project visualizations that you provide around Christmas Time might also include a festive flair. You should employ snowy backgrounds with carefully chosen thematic decor in your renders to achieve that. By doing this, you'll give the project a very unique touch. Your clients will be impressed and won over as a result.

  • Architects' Christmas Marketing Ideas

Presenting an architectural design in a romantic, winter setting brimming with festive cheer is among the most well-liked Christmas marketing concepts. You can experiment with the lighting in this area to get the ideal result. For instance, the drawing above depicts a house's exterior in daytime as the sun is beginning to set. Viewers can thus see the window-mounted Christmas lights as well as the outdoor lighting.

Focusing on the comfort and warmth of your client's future home is one of the best Christmas marketing strategies. With CG graphics, where a house contrasts well with the snow, this is simple to do. particularly if you portray the home in a nighttime scene with all the lights on and a festive Christmas tree in the background. This creates a very eerie vision in which the home appears warm, welcoming, and prepared for the celebrations.

At Steps Animation, we help bring dreams into visualization and then turn them into reality.

You don't have to only concentrate on Christmas in order to succeed with seasonal marketing. Instead, by selecting a snowy backdrop for your images and adding some decorations to the background, you may quietly portray the Christmas spirit. The end result will still appear spectacular, like in the picture above, where a distant terrace is warmly lit by a Christmas tree.

  • Ideas for Interior Designers' Christmas Marketing

You may truly use your ideas to the fullest when it comes to interior design marketing. You can create a variety of beautiful looks with lighting and design, after all. For instance, the animation from computer-generated imagery (CG) above depicts the room during the day and at night with various arrangements of Christmas lights, candles, and a fireplace. With such an image, you can motivate your customers for the Christmas season by showcasing a variety of aesthetically pleasing scenarios in the space. Of course, separate 3D still photos are also an option for these uses.

These were some simple Christmas marketing strategies that a photorealistic 3D visualization can help you carry out. By doing this, you will spread joy and dazzle your clients and coworkers with lovely Christmas graphics. By doing this, you will likely leave a positive impression on your current clients and draw in new ones.

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