8 Most Powerful Architectural Rendering Software

  • February 24, 2021

Studying in the field of Architecture doesn’t only mean drawing different designs of building on a drawing board or drafting table. As technology is advancing and there is the emergence in the modern devices like laptops, computers, and pads the whole drawn plan of any design can get rendered on these machines for checking the architectural and design mistakes. Using the technique of rendering is productive, saves time, and is even convenient to use.

Well, to do rendering one needs rendering software. The software helps in turning the designs into reality or you can virtual reality. You now might be wondering which rendering software is best for making all this possible then here is the list of the top 8 best rendering software for architects. But before that let us tell you the meaning of Architectural rendering software.

The software let architects to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional images of an architectural design. Using this rendering software architects and interior designers can not only intensify their design but can also provide graphic representation to their drawn creation. Doing so helps them in identifying the problems and efficiently representing the designs to clients.


No list is complete without including the Blender. It is often chosen by architects for rendering. What makes a Blender popular architectural rendering software is because it’s cost-free. It is one of the great rendering tool that architects & interior designers can use to create home, skyscrapers, bridges and other building designs. One of the best features in Blender is that if a user is stuck at something while using the software then the community over there will help in solving the problem or give the answer the user requires.

Octane Render

This architectural rendering software is one of the powerful rendering tools in the market with lots of features. If you know landscape rendering then switching to Octane render will be easy for you. It has a rendering engine which is not only powerful but is also fast as compare to other free architectural rendering software available. Among the students and professionals Octane Blender has made its reputation. It has a set of tools that are powerful along with lot of materials and textures.


The third rendering software in the list is Maxwell. It is a popular software among the architects and anybody can use it for rendering as it’s free. If you are looking for a rendering software that provides long-term support and is easy to use then Maxwell is great choice for you. The community is also there to provide any help and support a user require. Mostly beginners start with Maxwell before using any other software because it’s very easy to use. However, there is one con of using this architectural rendering software is that is bit slow in rendering.


VRAY is known as the king of rendering software. One of the powerful rendering software available in the market has a ton of tools and features. By using a VRAY a user can visualize anything from a small room to a skyscraper. VRAY is not available for free and its price is $730 for a license. One good thing VRAY offers is a option of free trail. So, you can use it and see if you are comfortable in working on it or not.

Pros of using a VRAY:

✅ List of features and tools

✅ Collection of models and textures to work with

✅ Competitive price

Cons of using VRAY:

✕ New learners can find it intimidating

Cinema 4D

One of the best yet unknown rendering software is Cinema 4D. It has many good features that a architect or a interior designer will find satisfactory. One of the powerful rendering software that will make you stand out of the crowd if you spend your time in learning it well. However, Cinema 4D is not free at all and its price is $3510. If you are confident enough that you will be able to master in learning all the difficulties of Cinema 4D then it’s worth the purchase. Using its features & tools will help you in creative effective renders.

Viz Render

Another famous rendering software among the students and professionals of architects is Viz Render. It’s an Autodesk product that has great feature of visualization and also it’s simple to use it. If you are looking for a free architectural rendering software then Viz Render can be the best choice for you. Also, if you face any problem while using it then there is a Autodesk community for your help.


It is new rendering software in the market that costs $530 for a standard license. It is even available for monthly subscription, which starts at 24.99 Euros/month. It has a feature of providing deep integration with 3DS Max. It let the user create a clean animation along with great light effects. Also, it has a great development team that provides excellent support. Well, Corona doesn’t have some features such as velocity render.

Autodesk Revit

In the architectural rendering software community, Autodesk Revit doesn’t need a special mention. It is one of the popular rendering software among the students and architects as it provides the feature of creating graphic visualizations in quick time. Autodesk Revit has effective features and tools along with a great collection of models and textures and other rendering capabilities.

If you are looking for something easy to use, worth the time & spending money then Autodesk Revit is exactly what you need. To work on this rendering software, you can purchase it for $280 a month ($2250/year). There is also a free trial available in which the you will get your money back after 30 days.

Choosing any architectural rendering software is always a smart choice as each one of them saves your time, helps you in finding the flaws in designs and let you create a impressive renderings. If you think of switching from your current rendering software to another one then you can choose from any that are mentioned in above list.